Vicky Peek​​​​​​​
Vector illustration   |   2014
“Vicky Peek” is one of my earlier vector illustrations. Not bad for my first realistic vector portrait, although I remember abandoning this project for a few weeks because I couldn’t figure out how to work on the hair. Somehow, I got inspired to take on the challenge. The eyes are my favorite part, I put in just enough detail to make them look alive.
Overall, I love the finished artwork. It’s definitely worth all the effort and time, and I received positive feedback from a fellow artist on DeviantArt.
I’m amazed how much nuance you can achieve rendering something as complex and unruly and just plain awkward as hair with vectoring! The eyes, of course, are captivating, but I think the hair is definitely the real show-stopper!
Yvash (DeviantArt member)
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