Illustration   |   2009-2020
Since 2010, I've had the privilege to play around with and create the branding of MicroCreatives, a creative design team that provides graphic design, copywriting and web development services to businesses. Aside from taking on client projects, I was able to work on its marketing materials - from web banners to print. Click here to see a selection of my designs for MicroCreatives' marketing use, ranging from online ads to monthly infographics.
Above is one of the full wall murals that I designed for MicroCreatives' new office space. For this mural I was instructed to play around with the design, get creative, and not stick to the usual branding. So, I came up with this colorful abstract background that represents the team's creativity, fun, and diversity while still using the team’s popular characters to retain the image MicroCreatives was most known for. See actual photos here.

Character Designs
I designed over 40 quirky and unique characters we refer to as monsters, each representing a member of the creative team. These illustrations are often used in MicroCreatives collaterals like websites, ad banners, and infographics.​​​​​​​
Below are some of my favorite and popular characters from the set.

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