Greenie Greens​​​​​​​
Logo Design   |   2017
A logo design project that I worked for GreenieGreensPH. A small business based in the south of the Philippines. 
Project Story
This was a logo revamp project. They sent me the logo they were using at the time – a green and pink logo with a small letter G in a font that didn’t match the branding as the main graphic element.
The client’s requirement was to modernize the look and feel of the design while keeping their old logo concept. By the time I worked on the project, simple and flat logos were on trend, so I grabbed the opportunity to try and learn the flat design style and applied it to the logo.
The client also specifically instructed me to use a Serif font for the letter G as their main graphic icon. I suggested a different approach and have the letter formed as a small leaf/plant shape to add a clean, hip, and fresh feel to it.
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